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Bord met Verschillende Talen


You can take various training courses such as individual lessons, duo lessons and group training and join at any level. Read more about the offer below.


Individual lessons

The advantage of individual lessons is that you determine the pace. Subjects that are important to you are taken into account and the learning process is tailor-made. For example, would you prefer extra attention to grammar or more focus on conversation? The learning goal will be determined together during an introductory meeting at the beginning of the course. You can start at any level; from beginner to advanced.

For more information about this teaching method, see Method


Duo lessons

Duo lessons are available to suit your language needs and option to train with a learning partner such as a spouse or colleague. Do you now live in the Netherlands with your partner and both want to learn the language? Or perhaps you would like to train with a colleague and follow language training together?  Our lessons are available in a wide range of delivery methods to enhance your desired skill level for any situation. Language training Van Lith offers duo lessons in which a learning goal is determined to meet both your needs. Advantages include having a counterpart with whom you can practice your conversation skills and you can board at any level. What is important is that you both have about the same language skill level when you start this course.

For more information about this teaching method, see Method


Group training

Are you looking for business training for your team or a number of foreign colleagues? Language Training Van Lith also provides group lessons on location. We are working towards a specific goal that will be discussed with you during an intake interview. You decide what the focus will be or which jargon is important during the conversation lessons. For example, do you want to start with the basics, prepare a presentation or a workshop or practice role-playing? Your wishes will be taken into account.

For more information about this teaching method, see Method

Studente met laptop

In-company lessons and/or online lessons

In-company lessons: Do you want to take Dutch lessons during your lunch break or during working hours? Language training Van Lith offers lessons on location. The advantage is that you do not spend time for travel so you can organize your day as efficiently as possible.


Online lessons:

For all offered classes it is also possible to take training online. For example, are you temporarily staying abroad or working from home? Then there is the possibility to book lessons online. The method remains the same, of course.


You can also combine online lessons with on-site lessons. We can discuss this during the introductory meeting.

For more information about this teaching method, see Method

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